Some Original Music For You!

Cover design, drawing:
Lily Sazz

I've made a link on the right hand side to some music from LX, an instrumental, guitar oriented album that features some of the great musicians I have worked with over the years. In another post in the near future I'll put up the back cover so you can have a look at some of the great people that contributed to this project. I continue to thank them for all for their efforts and goodwill.
The songs are being hosted at garageband.com. This appears, so far, to be an ideal situation for independent musicians to find a free place that will host your music. Eventually the music will be linked to a web page but for now, I like the idea of a site that will try to help in the never ending search to get independently produced music out to the listening public. You might look at this as an adventure with the music. Let's see where it goes before I move everything to a web page. Have fun and I hope you enjoy the music.
Technical Note:
When you click on the link on the right side to hear the music it might take you away from this page. If it does, once you start the music you can click the "back" button on the top left of your browser to return to this page.

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