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As indicated in the last entry, I wanted to post a few items from The Hammer Magazine. I have always felt that this magazine made an enormous contribution to the history of the Hamilton music scene for the time frame they existed in. They made that clear to the musical community with the very first issue that they published. This is the front cover of the first edition above. The magazine invited local musicians , which was cool because as you can see, there were many of us, and getting your story told or your music heard was very difficult.

The photo was shot by Sophie Hogan. I remember her way up in the air on a very tall stepladder trying to organize 40 or 50 musicians. I’m not sure she ever played in a band. Lol! With the help of the publisher, editor, and various staff they finally got us all organized and a snapshot in time was fashioned. This picture is a good cross section of active musicians who lived and played in the area at that flash in time.

The photo shoot was in the old Hamilton train station on James North. It has been used as a movie set on several occasions, (The Long Goodbye comes to mind), and is now Liuna Station, host to banquets, parties, and all sorts of events. If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you might recognize some of the players.

The shot below is the “In This Issue” page that goes with the first edition. I, and I’m sure many other musicians would and should give a big “Hammer” (which is now the nickname for my city) thank you to Lily Sazz (Publisher), and Brenda Whitehall (editor), and their staff for capturing a piece of musical time and history in the lives of many who entertained and were entertained through The Hammer magazine.

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