Crowbar, King Biscuit Boy, and Ralph Klein

(L to R: Sonny Del Rio, Rick Waite, King Biscuit Boy,
Paul Panchezak, Mr. Ralph Klein, LX, Jack Carp, Kelly Jay)

This photo is a rare item indeed. We played in Calgary quite often during Stampede. The picture was taken by a photographer from one of the local newspapers in Calgary as I remember. We, (Crowbar and King Biscuit Boy), were "honoured" by the City of Calgary and had Mr. Ralph Klein himself come to see us. In return, Kelly Jay came up with one of his collectables, (Kelly is a great collector of all kinds of items), had it framed and presented it to Mr. Klein. We all got together for the photo op and this picture was the result. The funny part of this is, if Ralph ever opened the frame to view the full buffalo picture he would have found the inscription “Welcome to Buffalo, New York” across the bottom. Kelly Jay has one of the wackiest senses of humour I have ever come across. Man that guy could make you laugh! Check out Sonny's "George Clinton, Funkadelic" glasses as well. These guys were a great deal of fun to work with!

The fellow in the cowboy hat on the right is none other than Jack Carp, the owner of the King Eddie Hotel, one of the great blues clubs Canada and Calgary has in it's heritage. I would equate it to Tipitina’s in New Orleans, The Yale in Vancouver, The Horseshoe, or Albert’s Hall in Toronto. Along with Crowbar and King Biscuit Boy, Amos Garrett was a regular there, also the great Johnny V, and a host of American artists. Unfortunately, around 2004 the club was demolished to make room for today’s progress.
Talk about having the blues!

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