LX and Domenic Troiano

LX and Domenic Troiano
This is another of my favorite pictures from my collection. Domenic Troiano is one of the guitarists I have marveled at for years. You will hear a lot of his style in my own playing. I still play his records and am in awe of his style, feel, and execution on his instrument. He was a local Toronto player who influenced many guitarists not only in Canada but around the world. Stints with The Guess Who, James Gang, Mandela, and Bush among others brought him into the world wide public eye but never gave him an oversized ego or big head. It was always about the music.

I was fortunate enough to have played with him at a session arranged by another friend, Prakash John. We played at The Level Crossing on Yonge Street and I was as nervous as a person could be just to be on the stage with a guitarist that I held in such high esteem. We played several tunes together and he was nothing short of kind, generous, and a real gentleman. Afterwards, I must have bent his ear for about two hours getting information on his viewpoint on playing, attitude towards life as a working musician, work ethic, and many other areas that became staples for me in my own career.

Many years later I met up with him again when I was playing at Albert’s Hall with Harrison Kennedy and the Rockin’ Hurricanes. I had the chance to thank him for the great influence and advice that he had given me many years before. He gave me one of the nicest compliments I have ever received. He said, “You must have been listening to what I told you, because you are sounding really great!” He then chuckled and said, “Not everyone listens to me you know!” I, for one, am a better player and have a better work ethic because I tried to listen and learn from a master guitarist.

Unfortunately, he passed away in May of 2005 after a lengthy battle with cancer. His energy and zest for music and in particular guitar will be sorely missed by all.

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